Blue color after Matt vanish

Help!!! I’ve completed the baby and with the red hair the blue I did looks horrible … I did Matt varnish is there anything I can do ? He still needs a hair cut but here is a picture .

Live ya learn . First time don’t try to match the picture !!! Tried to match this

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Read that the newton brush and restore cleaner can take it
Off … problem is I have hair … could I rub it alittle to remove some but then how will i seal it ? Oh my maybe I better just leave it … ok super late night again with these babies so I’m gonna sleep on it and wait and see what you ladies have to say .thanks again for all the help !

Winsdor & Newton will remove all the paint not just the layer of matte varnish.

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W&N may not remove the blue; it often sinks deep into the vinyl. It may remove everything else though.

I do think think she wants to strip all the paint just to remove the blue.

Or make it blend more … what could I do to make it look better ? Or nothing ? I’m so mad I tried to do that but I know now …

Have you baked it?

Yes and did the hair,lashes and everything. It didn’t look that bad till I added red hair … then it brought it out more. Would of looked good with brown but my daughter wanted red . And then the green eyes brings it out more …

A wash of yellow orchre can help neutralize blue (technically orange neutralizes blue and yellow neutralizes purple)

I have not tried it, but others here have said you can bake with mohair by putting a damp towel over the hair to protect it

Can that be applied over Matt varnish ? And where do I get that ?

I personally tend to do my veining & blue undertones first because it is such a “strong/predominant” color. You can neutralize or tone down some of the blues with orange usually or you could even try doing a flesh layer. You can paint over matte varnish.

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Then bake it with hair and lashes on ? I don’t have orange :sob:

Or is there a paint that I can use that I don’t have to bake? And use the sponge and just dab over it ? Can u come over and help lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Are the lashes rooted or false? You’ll need to remove them if they are false. You can bake the hair just wet it really well. I know some cover it with a wet hat or towel. I would try a flesh wash and see if that tones it down a bit.

The thing about blue and vinyl is the blue stains the vinyl and is a very powerful color. It is hard to strip away blue. You want your blues to be subtle accents under the skin. Often less blue is needed in reborning so you won’t end up with too much. My first reborn was terribly blue. Blue can also become darker over time. You can mix orange if you have red and yellow paints. I would try painting Flesh 08 in very thin layers over the blue areas (blending well) until you see it appearing more underneath the skin, and then reseal with varnish.

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If I apply then skin tone and it isn’t working can I just wipe off and leave as is or will it ruin the Matt varnish ?

Scared to bake with hair after my 12 hour rooting !!! Just wet it and maybe a wet towel ? How about wet cloth over eyes bc I don’t have any more lashes ?

Yes, as long as you haven’t baked it you can wipe it off. I’d use a wedge to do it so you won’t get lint into the matte texture. Using some Mona Lisa thinner to wipe it off will help.

You can cover the hair with a wet wash cloth. Just cover it well.

I HAVE applied an air dry paint over GHSP without a problem… Just use a professional quality (highly pigmented) paint.
I get my air dry from Micheals, but GHSP from BB or other reborn sites

And yes, you can paint over GHSP matt varnish with GHSP, or with a highly pigmented acylics but be careful if it is TEXTURED because you don’t want the paint to collect in the little dips and divits and look dirty.

In any case if you do try to go that route do a wash use LOTS of thinner (GHSP), or water (air dry), you just wanna stain/wash the color a little to neutralize the blue. 3 very thin washes are better then 1 thicker layer for this sort of thing.

So sounds like I can fix this !! So I’ll do small amount and then bake 8 min with hair covered with water and then should I apply the Matt varnish again in that spot … I don’t mind the blue in the forehead but by the mouth I hate !!! Thank you everyone!! You are all soooo helpful !!! Without you I would not be done !!

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What would the Brand be ? And add the thinner with the air dry paint ? I like this route maybe better so I don’t chance Burning hair .
And use orange ?