Bloody kit

Ok I have a problem, I bled on one of my kits and I was not making a vampire baby. It has a light pink spot in 3 places HELP!

The thinner won’t take it off? Try some plain peroxide That should do it -if it is just blood !

It is definitely blood Thank you I will try that tomorrow. I pricked my finger and I am a free bleeder.

As a Pediatric ICU nurse for many years I feel like an expert on getting blood stains out of stuff. Best thing in the world for removing blood stains is hydrogen peroxide. If doing it on clothing you will want to dilute way down so as not to bleach the color…but on vinyl I think full strength for a minute or two rinse and then another go etc.

Remember if the nature of a stain is ORGANIC…meaning from living matter, then peroxide will always work.


I always use hydrogen peroxide on my uniform but was not sure how it would effect vinyl. Good grief I have looked like I took a bath in a patients blood before and go back to the base and shower and put clothes in washer after being treated and it came out. Luckily it was someone I knew and did not have to worry about getting something. That sounded bad but he is ok now.