Blinking girl

Has anyone Done a blinkin girl? I wouldn’t mind having her. But I’m trying to figure out if she comes apart for painting n curing. And if she doesn’t come apart, how would I put her in a nuwave oven?

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(No personal experience) but I have heard that it comes apart, you can exchange the vinyl body with a cloth one if you want… there is a flange needed. (in the special deals)
But the vinyl is different and a very odd color…


Do you have any pictures of him you can post.

Well I guess I better pass on her for now. I’m just starting out. Thanks for your input.

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I think the newer ones are a better color. I have painted 2 Blinkin girls and put both of them on soft bodies. I’ve done several Nods and used the vinyl bodies. They really aren’t that hard to take a part and put back together if the vinyl is warm.


He’s cute! I’ll pass on blinking for now. But if my mind bugs me about it, then I’ll get her. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

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Well my mind is made up, no blinking girl.

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It helps, I’m just starting out. So I don’t need nothing to stress me out any more that what I am. Lol

Sold my Blinkin kit. Bought it when I started out and then just didn’t want to do it. Made 2 Nods tho. Won’t do anymore. Same reasons as everyone else.


She’s cute. I like her

Or him I should say.

I’ve been meaning to complete my Blinkin, she is on the shelf, she only needs a few more hours of attention then she is finished, I like the larger eyes in her but could not get them to stay, but that was two or so years ago and now I’m a bit more seasoned, I may need to pull that sweetie from the shelf and get her completed :blush: My pick between Blinkin and Nod…would be Nod!