Blinkin and Nod

I am curious… If the whole concept behind removing all vinyl bodies from dolls and putting them in cloth bodies was to make them more cuddly, then why are Blinkin and Nod all vinyl? Are the bodies removable exposing a cloth one underneath? Or are they designed for show only and not intended to be cuddly at all? Doesn’t that make them less “baby-like” and isn’t that the effect we are striving for?

I especially LOVE Nod but do not know what to do with him…

Just like a Berenguer, you can get a cloth body for him if you want cuddly but the body which makes him a boy or a girl is not cuddly.

I believe it’s just for variety. Something different than the norm. But, like Mcnair6 said, I’m sure you could replace the vinyl body part with a soft body if you prefer.

I think they can be interchanged. And, I think that the full body thing is for those who like to display the babies in scene or on camera.
I don’t like either one frankly. Not because of their bodies but because the open eyed one looks sunken and nearly sick. They just do not appeal to me. Craft wise they are really nice…but they do not push my “mama” button much at all. And, neither does Hannah for the same reason. Her eyes are too deep set and they don’t look healthy somehow. But, it seems to be a trend I guess. I will stick with sweet and cute “babyish” babies…like Ember and Kyle and Kate and Libby…Libby just tugs at that “mama” button somethin fierce! lol

I’m right with you there, Joy! Those are my favorite ones from BB also.

i also signed up a few times but i havent heard anything yet except they would maybe be out dec21 or aroung that date i sure hope i havent missed them , as nod is one i really want. marlene

They haven’t been released yet, ladies, so you didn’t miss out. =)