Blank kits or?

I have a question for you all.

We have hit a financial issue at my house. Inflation is killing us with everything going up and the car payment was late because of it. Sigh.

Im gonna have to sell some things or get back into making reborns to bring in some extra money. (Before anyone says anything i know it’s tough and i know that dolls can and do sit for months. But i have to do something )

Im wondering if selling the blank kits would bring in more than selling finished dolls. I would hate to just sell the blanks. But…money wise. Sigh.


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It is really depending which kits you have .
and…well some dolls sale fast some stay for months as you stated.

I might go with the kits. even you lose some money is better than being behind with bills. When better times come you can still buy new kits. Also , how many kits you can work on the same time ? not to many .

Because of moving and downsizing we looked around the house and we listed a couple of things on our local FB marketplace. you might do that as well.


If it’s not urgent, paint. Need money like yesterday, sell kits.

You can always hold onto what really means the most to you, replacing other kits later when things are better.

I’d also second FB Marketplace to sell off things in your house if you have anything extra laying around. I’ve been trying to do it for downsizing purposes and it seems to work fairly well despite living in a rural area.


There isn’t a hugely urgent need for money. Basically what happened is im trying to get my credit score up so that i have the possibility of financing ivf if need be. (The insurance in october isn’t as sure a thing as i was originally told)

But we have had issues with our mortgage holding bank. They keep reporting it on my credit as not paid when it has been. For the last 6 months it says it’s not been paid. So thats 6 months of non payment hitting my credit score.

There is an investigation open now. Our local bank is going after the bank that holds the mortgage because we have proof of all the cleared payments. Its a massive issue. But we are working to get it straightened out. Its a slow process tho.

And this month my husband paid the car payment late. Because our power bill jumped from 100$ to over 350$ again. Nothing we did or changed. Just a rate hike.

But rather than tell me so i could help. He just paid the car late and i didn’t find out until it hit my credit this morning.

Im really angry. Not so much at the late payment. It happens. I saw his bank account and it has been paid.

Im angry that he didnt tell me. He just let it hit my credit report and when i asked him about it he tried to pretend i was wrong.

Until i completely lost my temper and screamed at him. (I hate losing temper it brings back too many awful memories)

If he had just TOLD me i could have rearranged some of my own bills to cover it.

So now im gonna cut where i can. Turn off all but one streaming service. Cut down on everything i can so I can take over the increase in the power bill and prevent this sort of thing from happening again.

A couple hundred or so extra via a doll sale now and then would be a big help.


we all get frustrated time to time, hopefully you feel a but better now ( he didn’t kill anyone so is’t all will be ok, I am sure he regretted not communicating )

You are on a great place by canceling streaming services and cutting back unnecessary things. Way to go


Oh man, what a mess. I hate getting angry as well, but would have hit the roof over this one too!


I feel we are all struggling in some way these days. You are not alone.

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I feel you with the bank. I was in a mess with them over mortgage payments once. The bank had just switched hands and my payment got lost somehow. For 3 months it got marked unpaid, late fees added, phone calls about foreclosure etc. I was a wreck and couldn’t enjoy anything. And all this was happening even though there was a bank statement that showed I paid AND there was also a copy of the check that showed I paid. The rep at the local bank kept trying to get help and no one would help. The person assigned the case dropped it. The local manager, I kid you not, sent the copy of the statement and check at least 8 times. It was so infuriating. And every time you called customer service you had to tell the same freaking story. Did not get any action until a lawyer friend wrote them a note in our behalf. I hate banks.


I think you’ll be able to get more for completed dolls than blank kits, even if you sell them for a little less than you normally would. Besides, it’s more fun.



Yeah this has been a nightmare. Basically about 6 months ago my husband paid one mortgage payment late when he was switching jobs. That one i understood.

Then every month since they have claimed it was not paid and they keep hitting my credit score. Odd thing is. There was no past due fees on any of the supposed late payments. But i can see where the money was taken out of my husbands bank account.

The mortgage bank has it listed as the charges being reversed. So basically saying we did submit a payment. It didnt go through and they sent the money back to us.

But. And this is where the issue comes in. Our local bank shows it was not reversed and they show the money was taken. Each and every time.

So we called the mortgage company who swears up and down it was not paid. That the money was sent back to us. But when i pointed out the issue that being 6 months behind would trigger a foreclosure and how none of the “reversed.” Payment money was actually returned to us. They cant explain it. Instead they went in and applied a 35$ late charge to each payment and tried to wash their hands of it.

We contacted our bank who opened an investigation and now the two banks are reviewing it. Mortgage bank guy was PISSED that we got our bank involved.

So now we wait for the next steps. Although we are thinking of getting a lawyer soon because this is ridiculous. They “reverse.” The payment. But dont actually give us the money back so we can re issue it to them. Its just lost in the void somewhere.

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Hoping it works out for you. It is super-stressful to go through that!

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I’m thinking you must have obtained your mortgage through Douche Canoe Bank. I’m sorry. What a freaking nightmare!

I wonder how common this practice is. How many peoples homes have they foreclosed on that were doing everything right but simply hadn’t noticed the credit score issues?


Im wondering the same. For the first year we had a different bank. No issues at all. They sold our mortgage to the bank who has it now. Then the issues started.

My bjggest issue is. If they sent the money back then fine. Give it back so we can re send it. Instead they take it. Claim they didn’t take it. And then tack on a 35$ charge and hit my credit.

We still keep paying because we dont want to give them any ammo to say we didnt hold up our end. But every single time they “reverse.” It.

But dont give the money back to us.

The two times ive called them neither woman could explain it. Both of them said it looks like some massive electronic glitch. But they refused to fix it. Which is why we contacted our local bank and now they are investigating.

I told my husband i think they are trying to take the house back. We bought it at the lowest rate possible and its now worth much more.

But im not going to let it get to me. We are holding up our end. Legally they cant foreclose since we have proof of the payments. It just might take a lawyer to straighten it out.

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When it does get straightened out, is there any way to transfer the mortgage to a different bank?

Sadly no. But i am going to look into a more certified way to send in the payment. Certified check each month they have to sign for or something. Im not sure.

We are doing this currently. Our mortgage was sold pretty much right off the bat and we’ve been dealing with their atrocious book keeping ever since. They claim our online payments aren’t received. For months I was screen grabbing the confirmation number and emailing it to them. In February, they said they didnt receive payment and I had to send proof it cleared out bank. I’m having them send me paper copies of the bill each month, I take a photo of the check, and send it certified mail. A pain for sure, but what else can one do? Curious what lender you all have…we are dealing with SNSC. They have tons of bad reviews and ppl that have had to involve lawyers. Their BBB reports are through the roof. How can a place like this stay in business?? I’d do anything for them to sell it somewhere else.


OMG, these mortgage companies sound terrible! Did the local bank sell the mortgage? I didn’t even know they could do that.

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I say, if you aren’t worried about how much time you put in to painting, and list for a lower price they will probably sell faster that way. They will definitely sell for a higher price than the kits themselves anyways.

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Our mortgage is with M&T bank.
It was sold right off too. We had no problems with the original bank but this one has been a nightmare.
All we can do is keep paying it and keep opening investigations. M&T bank keeps saying they reversed the payments. But wells fargo says they sent the money. The mortgage bank is acting like the money just vanishing is totally okay.

I may have to find a different way to pay them since electronic payments seem to be hard for them

Its a nightmare.

Its just one thing after another. Last week my husband was pulled over by a state trooper. In our driveway! He claims that my husband ran a stop sign at the intersection about 3 miles from the house.

I dont know if he did or not since i wasnt with him.

But thats not what gets annoying. We went online to pay the ticket and they want over a thousand dollars because the cop claims my husband’s license is expired. Its not. It doesn’t expire for 3 more years.

So now we have to go to the court house on Tuesday. Sigh.


What in the world!? I hope and pray things get better for you both :heart::pray:

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