Black Spots

Over the years I had several kits that came up with some black spots; these usually appeared after the 1st or second baking and were on the limbs, and I turned them into birthmarks. While I found that dolls with birthmarks were slower to sell, they did sell in the end. However in the past 6 months I had couple of kits with spots that came up very much towards the end of painting, that is after many bakes. But more importantly the spots were in much more inconvenient places; I wonder if anybody had the same experience, and what do you do with these spots when they come on the face?

Not something I encountered so far but most of my dolls weren’t baked. Were they all from the same company? It had to of been some dust or junk that got into the vinyl during the manufacturing process but that should have shown up right away. Strange.

They were BB kits and it is like if the black stuff is deep within the vinyl and with baking comes to the surface. The last 2 were Cozy and Rowan. They are usually tiny but go right deep into the vinyl, and being black are very visible.