Black spots again!

After 6 months break, I am just about to finish 2 babies. I was so happy with both, I was quite sad to think of selling them. Then they both came up with the dreaded black spots! The worst I ever seen. One I can make into some sort of birthmark, I hope. The other is so huge and bad there is no way I can sell the doll for the price this expensive kit with Lauscha eyes should be sold for. I have sent message to the maker, but I do not think she keeps spares. The other one of them is a kit that I had here for years and have am pretty sure got on eBay.

I can just cry … :frowning:

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Oh Ludmila, I am so sorry this has happened. We have got to figure out what is causing this to happen. I had it happen to my Tibby just before she was finished so i feel your pain.

Oh, how sad! I feel your pain. :frowning:

I am so sorry. That is just terrible:-( I wish we knew what causes this.

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I’ve also had this happen with a couple of BB kits. Fortunately, mine appeared before I started painting. I’m no expert, but I think there are mold spores in the vinyl.

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OH NO, I haven’t heard of this. What are the symptoms? I haven’t see it either----does anybody have any pictures of the offending black spots??? So Sorry this happened, specially on an expensive kit. Hope you can get a resolution.

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It’s hard to photograph, but basically they are some black impurities deep in the vinyl, and as the vinyl is heated they come up to the surface. There is no way they are mold; even if it could live inside the vinyl, the heat would kill it. I had couple over the years, and first it looks like a shadow, and then it comes closer and closer to surface with each bake, until there is a hole that goes deep into the black stuff. Sometimes the hole is only very small, but the one I have now is huge.
on the bright side, the lovely artist has sent a replacement arm for the expensive kit. The other one I just work around.