"Black Friday" sale is 25% OFF SITE WIDE!

Bountiful Baby’s “Black Friday” sale is 25% OFF SITE WIDE!

The sale will be the three days before Thanksgiving (Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday), from midnight to midnight, Utah time (MST). The website will automatically apply your discount at checkout.

We will probably fall behind on our orders with this sale, and Thursday is Thanksgiving. Our employees will all be home with their families for Thanksgiving.

We will come back Friday and try to get caught up, but the reality is that we will probably remain a bit behind until the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. Please be patient.

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend!

Nevin Pratt, CEO
Bountiful Baby


I have no problem with the shipping being a little behind. Everyone should be off to have the opportunity to spend the time with family. Thank you for the sale.

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Thank you for the sale!! I can now get me a few more kits to practice on. Don’t mind the delayed shipping. Y’all have an amazing Thanksgiving. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for the sale! Have a beautiful holiday,everybody!:purple_heart:

Thank you so much for the sale! I just got some much needed supplies and saved some money!!!

Thanks for the sale, Happy Thanksgiving!

I just checked email says out for delivery for my Monday order as well. I switched it to text me when delivered so I know if gos to door, office or get a key I mailbox for locker so I know if I need to text my mom, neighbor just in case since I won’t be home till around 8pm

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