Black Friday / Cyber Monday SALE NOW! (Don't Wait!)

We are now beginning to slowly wind down this sale, and will end it completely sometime Tuesday. Most of the kits are currently on sale, and the sale kits have changed several times since this sale began. But beginning now, they will begin to be slowly removed from the sale, as we bring things back to normal sometime Tuesday.

We hope you have taken advantage of this sale, and we wish everyone a wonderful holiday season!

Nevin Pratt, CEO


We are having our Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale NOW instead of after Thanksgiving, because we wish to give our employees a stress-free Thanksgiving weekend without worrying about falling behind on orders during that time.

So, take advantage of the sale NOW!

As of the time of this writing, MOST of our kits are on sale, and also over 120 other items (bodies, eyes, eyelashes, accessories, etc.). You can see the sale kits prominently displayed on our home page:

And if you click the “Specials” link in the menu bar at the top, you can see the rest of the sale items.

Thanks so much, everyone!

Nevin Pratt, CEO
Bountiful Baby


So exciting! However, could you also add Ashley? Pretty pretty please?

Aw man I was hoping Reese would be on sale!! I’ve been patiently waiting to see him on sale!

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Right after I made a huge order… :expressionless:

I did too.

Waiting for Landon!

None of the stuff I want/need/have been waiting for is on sale:

Certain colors of paint
Matt varnish
Thinning medium
Reese (and his body and other parts)
Maybe Ashley
Maybe Charles
Joseph awake (yeah, yeah, I know!)

Best ever sale ever was the realborn Halloween sale

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Me too,my first was adorable and can not wait for Zuri to come out.

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She is one there now

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Saw her and grabbed her late last night! And Thank you!

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Reese is on sale right now!

Ugh, I missed it!