When I take an order for a custom, I always give the new mother the option to choose the new babies birth date. I will complete the baby and dress the body just not have the head on until the Bday. Does anyone else do that?

I had a custom that The new mom wanted to choose the Birthdate. I just made the doll and put the date she wanted on the certificate:)

lol Fudge away I wondered if I should just finish it and print certificate or wait.

— Begin quote from “Windeec”

When I first discovered reborn dolls, the listing and birth certificates would indicate the time of birth. One was to look at the clock when the head was in place and the zip tie tightened, and make note of it. Now when I fill out a birth certificate, I just check back to the original listing date and minus a couple of days. I mean, I have to write my grandbabies’ birth dates and ages down on a calendar so I can keep up. A doll? I can fudge on it!

— End quote

LOL, I Bet we all did that in the early years, pretty funny if you think about it now…LOL