Biracial Shyann!

Cool. First I just need to make my biracial Aisha…

— Begin quote from “pinkclove212”

I’m convinced that even blue with polka dots, Shyann is one of those sculpts that looks beautiful no matter what! Very excited to see it in Bi-racial vinyl!!

— End quote

I agree!!! Beautiful kit ever!!


I guess I am the only one here but I am not impressed with the biracial color of the kits.

I think that Marlen (who does lots of AA babies) uses the regular kits for hers and in a tutorial on a other forum, she had the ladies with bi-racial kits bring them to a very neutral color before they started actually painting the kit. I am sure others feel differently. That is what is so nice about forum interaction, you get lots of great opinions.

I like to build my own skin tones too. Probably why Miss Aisha has been sitting in a box for over a year, lol.