Biracial Lip Color

I cant seem to get a lip color I like on cutie, what colors do you use for a biracial reborn?

You might wanna post a picture. I believe it depends on the lightness n darkness of the baby.


Bump. Anyone?

This is my biracial grand nephew . His lips are deep cherry pink. :heart_eyes:


I think there are as many variations in lip color as there are in skin tones for biracial people. My daughter is biracial and she has mauvy-pink lips (if that’s a word lol). When she was a baby her lips were more pink and less mauve. This is her now.


I use crimson 01 and PhlBlue (3:1) with LIGHT layers…paint one thin layer all over, bake. Then do 3-5 layers on the perimeter and “some” of the creases in the lip. Avoid the upper middle part of the lip and the fat of the bottom lip


Your daughter is gorgeous! She looks more Italian or Hispanic than biracial .

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