Biracial Jewel

Has anyone did this kit as biracial? If so I’d love to see pictures of it.
I have a customer wanting one.

I haven’t seen one done that way but I haven’t done her yet either. Hope someone can help you.

Thanks! I have did it once. But not biracial.

I have a Jewel I hope to start soon and I would love to see a biracial one too.

I just ordered my kit, so looks like I may be the first?? Anyway will post pictures when i do!

I have saw some before and they were adorable! I am doing an hispanic one right now!! Just a few more coats and we are done!! I will post when I am through can’t wait to see yours!

Oh wow can’t wait to see yours!!

I can’t wait to see both.

I saw this Jewel when I did a google search. I hope it is ok for me post it here. I thought she did a wonderful job on him.All of her babies are so cute and I thought you might like to see him. … =160013289

oH WOW thanks he is gorgeous!!!

I looked at that link—beautiful. I looked through her gallery–all her dolls are beautiful. Looking forward to seeing your version.

I am WAY behind but here is a work in progress picture!!!

I got the eyebrows a little thick and I am probably going to get different eyes, those are not glued in they are a little off in the pic. I think at this rate you will probably be done with yours before me! LOL have you started yet??

Jewel is precious as biracial. I like this kit best as biracial.

I got my painting done, and about 1/3 of the hair. I’ll try to post pics soon as i can.
Yours is cute, I almost didn’t recognize it as Jewel! lol