has anyone found a good glue to glue the magnets in the head…I now use the putty because all of the glue stinks and the hot glue wont last

I use E6000

I tried that but it smells, does it go away

Hello my friend, I have used it on all my reborns for pacies, etc. and have had no problems with the smell after it dries. Virginia

I also use E6000 and make up 6-8 at a time. I have not had a problem with it.

I have only ever used E6000. It sets pretty quick and the smell goes away. That’s what I use also to seal the limbs and the head.
Within a day there is no glue smell at all.

I buy the white bulk nuks from Sandie and those go with any outfit. Nothing fancy but nothing to match either.

Sandie’s will soon come in other colors. I really like the enclosed magnets and you can decorate them with paint, decals, flowers or ribbons. Since they cost the same as regular binkies you save on magnets, too, because you only need to buy one.