Big problem?

Kinda confusing- I agree- looks like they are weighing them somehow- very strange.

I doubt that amazon will change their advertising. They are out to make a profit and selling a doll as a reborn increases their sales. A better term for them to use would be lifelike. But the majority of consumers would be more likely to use the term reborn to search for a doll…even if it isn’t truly reborn. Especially the low end collector or first time buyer.

Thanks for bring this to our attention. I have sent them an email also. I hope others will too.

I too have sent them an email, I told them that those are not Reborns and that I could buy them at walmart.lets see what happens.

wow, in my amazon reply they said they have fixed the error. hmm

me too guess Ill write them everyday.Its one thing to make a mistake, its a whole different thing to continue to make it after youve been told.

or even reword it to say “dolls to reborn”. to most people this wouldnt be a big deal, but we work hard to “reborn” and to me its like a slap in the face. they are supposed to call me so Ill keep you posted.

Ok just got off the phone with customer service and she said that she was sending this to the service dept. and it may take a few days but it will be fixed. I also asked her to please make a place avaliable for us to sell the real things, so its just a wait and see thing now.