Big Joe Questions

Hey! I’m not the biggest fan of big Joseph but I just got a potential custom order for him. How much should I make him weigh? He’s giant and my customer is fully aware of how big he is but doesn’t know how much she wants him to weigh. How much hair did you use, for those who rooted him? She wants thickish hair. And what size clothes and diapers does he fit? Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:


I was wondering if people did the regular “glass beads to the knee and elbow” with him. He’s my next one too.


Following :grin:

I only weighted him to about halfway up the forearm and calf, rather than all the way to the knee and elbow. I weighted his head to lean toward the front, and then put two fairly sizeable sacks of weighting in his body, one in his bum and one through the center of his torso. I haven’t bothered to weigh him as he’s a keeper, but I used a good 5lbs of weighting material.

My babies may be a little lighter than other people prefer, though. I have arthritis and my partner has neuro problems that affect her hand control, so I tend to weight babies more with the intention to make their weight sit in a realistic way than to make them a realistic weight, if that makes sense? However, I wouldn’t fill his limbs too much higher even if you want him heavier - he’s so big that if his limbs are too heavy, they seem to sag rather than pose realistically.


All of mine ended up around 7 or 8 lbs, I think. I’m fine with just “suggesting” the weight versus making him weigh what real Joseph probably weighed at this age. It makes him more comfortable to handle.


Thank you everyone!

The last one I made was 8.5 pounds. I just finished painting the awake version and Im thinking she will weigh more with eyes and especially with the torso on.

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I filled the glass up to knees and elbows and glass in belly and head I think he weighed like 9lbs
Hair get at least 1/2 oz
Diapers I used my daughters size 3
Shoes are size 3
Clothing is size 9-12 and some 12 month


Thank you so much!

When I made my Easton 6-Month, I weighted her as I understood others saying the way they did their dolls Well, she was so heavy I could barely lift her and when I sat and held her, it made my shoulder hurt. So, I took her apart and took about the glass beads out. She is good weight now, for me. I don’t think it is very realistic to make a doll the weight of a real baby at whatever age. It is too much weight on a body that is not able to hold any of their own weight up. Now, that is just my opinion. It doesn’t count for much. :slight_smile:


I weighted big boy up to 9 lbs and I had one person I had to weight lower as she was older and didn’t want heavy


One last thing. His body is out of stock, is there any other body that will work? I’m hoping to not get one custom made because of the shipping cost.

@RoseannsBoutique makes a great body for him. My bad I seen you said not wanting custom made lol

I’m not looking to get a custom body, I’m in Canada and it costs too much to have it shipped. Thanks though

I think some people have used Grant’s body (#300) and it’s on sale for $11.87. It’s just like the one that’s out of stock (#8828).

Thank you :slight_smile: The sale doesn’t matter right now unfortunately, the customer is paying the deposit soon but hasn’t yet. We agreed on the 26th while I work on other dolls