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I had to strip this baby that was already rooted and glued, but I could not take off all of the glue of the head, so I put it on the oven for around 8 minutes at a low temperature (the same I use to bake the parts). I didnโ€™t realize it could go wrong, so I let it sit there for an hour after baked. Now I came to get him and found this.

What can I do???

This is a rare sculpture and I paid a lot for it. Iโ€™m freaking out.

Update: I just noticed that the lady who cleans my boyfriendโ€™s house (Iโ€™m here) used my reborn oven (without permission) and set the temperature at the HIGHEST level. Iโ€™m so upset!!! Now I know it burned his head.

Ouch! This made me so sad! Which kit was it? :pleading_face: It looks like the glue got to hot and cooked your baby from both side. You could try boiling water to reshape the head but i think it might take a lot of work. It might come back into a shape if you stuff it. Not sure how the melted shiny vinyl takes paint. Idk if Iโ€™d want to heat it too much more. Maybe air dry paint and rooting? Could try priming with varnish to take down the shine and give the vinyl some texture to take paint? I would definitely pull out all the hair and glue before attempting any heat :scream:

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I agree with Kelly. It looks like the glue got too hot and cooked the baby on both sides. Glue retains heat longer. So it probably continued to cook for the whole hour. I honestly donโ€™t know how to fix it. I would be afraid to bake it anymore. :confused:

What they said but also looks like the glue melted and oozed out the rooting holes. I honestly think there is no saving this one. When I enlarged the photo I can see burn bubble holes all over it and a dark burn mark at the back and one at the front. This is a sad loss.


Is this Jack Johnston? :tired_face:

Please take a look at the update :cry:
I found out that lady who cleans my boyfriendโ€™s house (Iโ€™m here right now) used my oven without my permission and set the temperature at its highest. So it burned. Iโ€™m very upset

Yesss :pensive::pensive::pensive::pensive: itโ€™s a custom order. My client was very anxious to have him

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I found out that lady who cleans my boyfriendโ€™s house (Iโ€™m here right now) used my oven without my permission and set the temperature at its highest. So it burned. Iโ€™m very upset

Oh no! She needs to be held accountable. :confused:

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Did she eat out of it?

I would boil the head,filled with water, with a towel in the pan so the vinyl isnโ€™t touching any metal. When itโ€™s really soft, stuff it back into shape and let it cool gradually. You might have to strip it and re-do but I think itโ€™s salvageable.

Might need to consider a wig? Or a teddy bear cuddle baby?

I am so very sorry this happened! Unfortunately, you canโ€™t really blame the person who used the oven last because it is your responsibility to check your temperature before you start heating vinyl. Granted she might not have had permission but stillโ€ฆ I also would not be eating food out of any oven that had been used to heat set vinyl parts. Especially now that vinyl has been burned in it.


No, she isnโ€™t. If she was cleaning and turn the nubs accidentally, itโ€™s not her job to be responsible for reborning hobby.




Yeah but she shouldnโ€™t have used the doll oven. It should have been obvious it wasnโ€™t for food.
Unless it was the regular oven, used for food too. Then itโ€™s an understandable mistake.


My toddler cracked mine up, years ago. Learned a hard lesson.
Now I check my doll oven each time.

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My housekeepers change the temperature setting on my regular toaster. I never precheck before using it and I either have to redo for more time or have slightly burned English muffins. You would think I would learn to look first?!!