Big Boo, damn heat gun!

I was trying to remove a glue blob and wrong way eyelash… Peeled off a tiny bit of paint, did a quick repair, looked great, got out the heat gun, perfection…NOT! I melted my babies nose!

It’s not big enough to ruin the baby for love but un-sellable. He is being donated. So bummed for me but happy for the woman who is getting him. I know she will love him up. I added tears, I thought it was appropriate.



This is fixable with 3-D thick medium, filing and a touch up of paint.


Thank you for the hint…not sure I feel skilled enough to handle the repair. The heat gun gets hotter than you think, faster than you think, didn’t even see it happen…the woman who is getting him really deserves him so I am happy that its turning out this way.

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I just ruined my Alexa by using heat lamp. I could just cry. I had her half way rooted. Now I’m in desperate need of a new head and bountiful baby is out of stock. She was by far going to be my best yet!

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Still a beautiful baby.

Oh, no. I hate that

I wonder if you couldn’t add some purpled and reds and make it appear as a birth “defect”, if you will? From this angle at least, it looks oddly natural - and your painting on her is gorgeous.

Agree with @beck. I would turn that thing into a hemangioma and call it a day. All it would take is the right person to see this baby and they’d be thrilled with her.

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