Bid on a different kind of baby

So, I impulsively bid on a different kind of baby. She looks like nothing I have ever seen! I cannot sew to save my life (my wallet thanks me for this particular skill deficit), so I was just floored when I saw this.

I did not know these were even a thing :star_struck:


I love this baby!!! How cute

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I hope someone outbids me :sweat_smile: I do NOT need to be taken with another type of doll…

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She is really adorable! I think one of the best soft dolls I’ve seen.

What a beautiful piece of art she is, great baby for your collection


Is this a Jan Shacklford baby?

I don’t believe so. I first saw her in a reborn selling group on facebook.

Oooh, I think you do have a Jan Shackleford Baby here. If not it is a very good copy. Everything from the paint style, ear placement and stitching to the fingers looks just like her babies.

Oh she is cute! I used to make soft sculpture dolls and I loved making them. The sewing is not that bad, but sculpting the features is the tricky part. I love how they did the eyes and mouth on this one.

She’s really cute. I want to know how they did the fingernails.

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I think she is great!

Oh wow she is beautiful! I bet she is super cuddly

My mom used to make babies like that back in the 80’s. Theyre so cute.

I love cloth babies! Sometimes more than reborns, but don’t tell anyone I said that :joy:

They’re just so snuggly, and the well-made ones pose more realistically than reborns with full limbs. They seem to retain more heat too, so holding them for a long time is lovely.

This baby was actually based on Realborn Owen asleep. When the artist made her she used Owen as inspiration! She does beautiful work. Good luck. I hope you win her!

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Aww, it does looks like Owen! Wow!

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