Beware of this buyer on ebay

This Buyer bid and won but did not pay:

Item # : 290726333459
Sale date: Jun-14-12 19:47:38 PDT
Buyer: desireeof2012
Case opened: Tuesday, Jun 19, 2012 07:26:48 PDT
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I am sorry this has happened to you. I will be adding her to my block list for sure. My list is getting quite long but I am grateful for the warnings. Thanks

Oh Kym, people can be SO inconsiderate! I haven’t listed a doll on ebay yet and I’m kind of afraid to! So sorry this happened to you. “your cousin”, Kgeorge957

Wow your kidding??? I checked her feedback…after i left feedback telling sellers to beware of her…A…week later she had feedback from a seller saying she was an awesome buyer and paid right away!!! What!!! Unbelievable!!!

Oh my that is awesome !!! Thank you so much!!!

Did you contact the buyer? Maybe she had a family emergency?

I’ve never had anyone back out of payment… cross fingers

Actually I did contact the buyer and she just said she doesn’t have the money but then a week later she bought from someone on ebay again…she probably didn’t pay them either. Her feedback score was 1