Beware - lindea

So, i got mine 3 and could not wait to start on them. But there is a problem. All the arms came totally closed with thick piece of vinyl and had to be cut out. It was very hard and I was quite concerned I might cut through the arm. Also the grooves are so deep that it has to be cut on angle pointing towards the middle. If you cut straight down it would leave only very thin wall behind the groove, or maybe even cut into the groove. I imagine they are all like that, so have a good look before you try to cut the openings


I just ordered her, so…I will be sure to be careful. I don’t want to mess her up.

which kit is this your talking about?

I’ll look at mine in the morning.

Lindea by Gudrun Legler


Oh she is cute. I really like Mathis by the same sculptor but I hate making open eye babies lol.

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Yes just checked and mine is the same as Ludmila’s. Just have to be careful.