Best Varnish

I’m looking for a new varnish because the one I’m currently using isn’t completely matte (even with cornstarch). Which varnish is the best? I’m looking for a matte varnish that has no shine and doesn’t crack.
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I use the purple label, Americana soft touch, with matting powder.


The Americana soft touch isn’t totally matte, but i love it. So smooth, dries quickly, and leaves a very natural finish. And you can bake over it with no problems if needed

I also use the American decor, purple label

The Americana Ultra Matte is not really that matte. I tried it. I prefer to get the soft touch version and mix in corn starch using my own recipe.

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I use deco art soft touch

I tried ultra matte and it was shiny

Golden polymer matt varnish is the more matt I tried without cornstach or matting powder. I dislike the touch of varnish with cornstach, don’t know why.
Soft touch is shinier than ultra matt.

Is this the one you’re talking about?



My experience is that the Ultra Matte Varnish is shiny. The other two are dewy. I have used all three on Liquitex Professional Paints. JMO

Yes it is. None of them are totally matt but at least this one is more than the 2 others, in my opinion. If you want really really matt, you may add cornstarch or matting powder