Best time to insert eyes

When is the best time to insert the eyes on a reborn when using HSGP?

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Whenever you want, really. You can bake with most eyes inside the head still. They’re easiest to insert right after you’ve finished baking when the vinyl is soft from the heat

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Thank you. I am going to try to insert the eyes from the front instead of cutting on the inside of head.

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Usually I insert them after my last varnishing while the vinyl is still warm


Inserting eyes at last steps of reborning was my thinking, but
it was very difficult to insert the eyes (on Logan) so I was afraid of damaging final details paint if I wait or inserting after last creasing and risking breaking eyes when curing😩. Not a win win situation.

If you sealed the paint properly with varnish then no damage should be occurring

Thank you. I will wait then like I wanted.