Best starter silicone set and tutorial?

For those who got into painting silicone, is there a complete material set (paint, brushes, etc.) you would recommend? Also a tutorial? I know people get great results from the Susan Gibbs class, but I’m looking or an on demand tutorial I can just buy and not have to wait for a class.

Any other silicone info or tips would also be greatly appreciated! Photo linked of the sculpt I got to paint!


Lucky you! I’d love to do a silicone but they’re just out of my budget. has trial set of 8 pre-pigmented paints with matting powder for $99.99. weebabiesnursery has a set of 10 to go with Carolyn Doughty’s YouTube tutorial for $60. I think you’d still need finishing powder for these.

MacPherson have a starting kit too. I strongly suggest you practice (a lot) on faces and mini silicone or test pieces before doing a full kit. I think PsychoPaint and Sil-pig are not too expensive (I don’t remember how much I paid). You will need latex free sponges and cheap paint brush, and a paint solvent (Novoc is the one recommended for silicone but any brand can work).
Colors and steps are almost the same as for vinyl but the application is different.


MacPherson’s starter kit is out of stock but they do have those practice faces. They also have a good informational tutorial as to what supplies you’ll need. It’s just on their site. You don’t have to buy it.

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I recommend Susan’s class I wonder if you ask her if you can be added to the past classes so you don’t have to wait you would have access to all the saved lives. When I started I got all my supplies off of Amazon and I think the a&b and pigments from smooth on
I started with a cuddle head from truborns if you want a list of what I bought I can send you the names in the morning! This was my first silicone


That was your first? That’s amazing.

I was just going to recommend Susan’s class! I also learned things that I can apply to vinyl painting as well. She’s very thorough!