Best paint colors for a beginner?

As you might know, I’ve mentioned a few times that my younger cousin (13 or so, not sure her exact age as we aren’t close) saw my Jack and wants to make her own reborn. Her grandma is considering getting her the supplies for Christmas. I’m putting together a list of the things that she’ll need and I’m blanking on ghsp paint colors. I’d appreciate it if they were only colors you can get at Macphersons because we don’t have he budget to be ordering from bb. I’ve brought up both air dry and ghsp and we both agree that ghsp will be easier for her because it’s more forgiving, and grandma will do the baking for her. Thanks in advance! She’s had a difficult couple of years and I think it would mean a lot to her to have something fun and creative to do. I know she sews and likes crafts overall and she seemed super interested in the process.

Does Macphersons have a starter kit like BB does? Those colors would be the best to start with. Flesh 08, red, blue, brown, black, white…just a few off the top of my head.