Best package arrived today in the mail~

Today ended wonderfully after work. Nothing better then coming home after a long day and finding 2 large boxes on my counter. One from BB on my Honey kit which by the way I was pleased with. I have never bought a second kit before because I was afraid to. I could not find any flaws that would effect this doll when reborning her. Many of you told me I wouldn’t have a problem so thank you for that. My second package was sleeping Presley whom I have waited and waited to get my hands on. I missed out when he first came out and wanted him to go with my awake Presley. He just hasn’t restocked and I was so worried I would be at work when he did and miss out because he would sale out quick. Needless to say a very kind , honest and forthright individual got a hold of me and helped me out. Sandra all I can say is thank you soooooooo very much. She even included the cutest little sleeper with a matching bib. She made my day! I am here to tell ya one thing , shes got a heart of pure gold. Thank you BB for creating this forum, its a wonderful place to meet new friends. And Sandra is one of them~ :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


It’s like having a birthday when kits arrive especially when it’s one you want so badly!

It is so true!! I count the days when I know an order is on the way! Every bit of money that I get for Birthday, Christmas, Anniversary,… I spend on reborning supplies and kits and paints and clothes it goes on and on as we all know. I just love this hobby!!! I have met such wonderful people in the reborn community. It has really been a blessing. Everyone has been kind and so many people that have amazing skills are so willing to take the time and share! Thank you ladies for paying it forward !

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My in-laws insist on a Christmas wish list from everyone. I put gift certificates to doll websites…and hobby lobby too. :smiley:

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