Best open eyed Preemie

I have been asked to make a open-eyed small baby. What do you recommend? I am thinking about Jewel.

How small? Tayla is a cute open eyed preemie-16 inches.

Jewel would be my choice. I have made twins from Jewel - every one loves them - my mom has them.

I love Miles from BB and the Sullivan quads from Iressistibles

I saw a Buttercup today at Macphersons that was really well done but I told my friend $200 so I am going to get a BB one.

Ruby Blick is a cute preemie. She is such a happy baby here is the one I made. Hair was painted by Izzy :slight_smile:


Meredith by Bonnie Brown is adorable. She’s 15 inches of cuteness. Irresistables has her.