Best magnet and glue

I know this was asked before but whats a really strong magnet for in the head and passies and what glue is really strong too…? .Seems like every other person wants a magnet
.i find them hard to put in and ive read they can be very dangerous or even fatal if swallowed by a child .So for liability purposes im not crazy about using them but when i do i want them to be on solid and work.

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Neodymium magnets I got mine at Home Depot. I use E6000 glue.


E6000 is stretchy and you can peel it off easily That what i have been using the last year and a half and im not happy with it.
I have gotten magnets from Lowes Hobby Lobby and magnets frrom BB none of them hold a passy for me very well at all.
Why id like better optiions for both

E6000 is the best glue to attach magnet. There is nothing else that would attach magnet on the bumpy surface behind the mouth the way E6000 does. I take icypole stick and put nice blob of the glue on it, and smear it as thickly as I can behind the lips. Then I position the magnetic paci on the lips and throw the magnet in; it jumps to the paci magnet and sticks to the spot where it is needed. Sit the head down carefully lips down somewhere for a little bit. Then check the magnet has not moved, and then I take another blob of the E6000 and cover the magnet with it, and let cure for at least overnight. When finished, I seal the head so nobody can get in. There is no danger that child so young it is swallowing everything, would rip the head off, open the neck and somehow dig up the magnet.
The magnet has to be N50, anything weaker (less than 50) is unlikely to hold very well. If the vinyl behind the mouth is very thick I use 2 magnets like these
N50 magnets


And E6000 works with the glue on its magnetized surface ?
Someplace i got glue the magnet on a piece of that shoe padding cloth that has a really sticky backing glue it on the sticky side Then stick the whole thing on the inside by the mouth . well thats the hard part getting the sticky pad to stick right where the mouth is and the magnet in the center of the mouth
I dont think any of my magnets are E 50.Ill get them.Do you add your own magnet to a passy too? or buy thrn and where?
Thanks Ludmilla

Magnet does not have magnetized surface; the magnet is all magnetized; the glue does not interfere with the magnetism. I use the same pull = N50 in the paci, but usually get the round ones; but it hes been a while since I bought any and I do not quite remember the measurements. I think they were about 8mm wide and something like 6 mm thick.
it depends on the paci, some have round holes where the rubber teat is attached, but I just got one that was oblong and I used the same magnet that I put inside the head.

I make the pacifier first n let it dry. Then I put the pacifier to the mouth. Drop the magnet in. Take some e6000 n put on and around the magnet inside of the head. Prop head on face with pacifier still attached and let dry overnight.

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Well that sounds so simple im doing that from now on !! thank you all
i found N52 or N48 someplace with free shipping Think ill get the N52s 3/4 inch by 1/8 inch round think that will be ok dont you?
Well maybe to big for the passy but inside the head fine and maybe i can use to small ones from BB still on the pacifier

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Also when everything is nice and dry put moleskin on and around the magnet inside the head for extra security as well as on the paci to protect the baby’s mouth.


I had glued the magnet on the mole skin then put it in That is a hastle that mole skin wants to stick everywhere !

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That’s what I do too @AnnieSokay

I buy HONEYBUGS… they are wonderful! No more Paci making! Unfortunately I bought an order of them, and can’t find them ANYWHERE.