Best fairy eyes!

I know, right???:smiley:

Those are awesome fairy eyes!!

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WOW , they are gorgeous. I wasn’t thinking on doing a fairy, but these eyes changed my mind. Great find nikkiroc


Thanks guys!!! I love a good find! And a good price!!!:heart:

Love those eyes! I would for sure use those for a fairy baby.

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@Marissa what do you think of these?

Those are awesome! Do they have them fully green? Either way they are cool!

Here are some green ones from there. FYI - it takes a bit to get the eyes cayse it is based in China.

Thanks awesome… I think I messaged her before but I never heard back… I should try again!


I have 80 pairs of the acrylic eyes coming from Pabol. Ordered in Feb and they have been tracked to LA on March 7th and no movement since that date? They are lovely eyes and I am sharing the order with a fellow reborn so I will have only 5 pairs of each color and each size. Minimum order is 10 of a color and size though. They end up costing less than $2.00 a pair though. They are sold by Dolls by Sandie too!


I LOVE THEM!!! :eyes:

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I just replied to her. I will see how long it takes for the sample eyes. So neat.

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I ordered SB-01, SD-02, CC-03, CC-04, CC-06, and MD-02

Not sure which are my favorite, but I have used SB-1 a couple of times and they were lovely!

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The eyes that I ordered arrived today - they were shipped on March 4th and were in California within 3 days and then took 17 days to get to Oklahoma. Anyway, they are lovely. Here are the pictures of the colors that I ordered.


I want to message her. Do you have a link to her page?

Yes, me too please:-)

Me too! :slight_smile:

She is Mary Jenn on FaceBook.

You can see the eyes that are available from Pabol on her page too!


Thank you so much @pia :kiss::heart:


Thank you!

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