Best black mohair

Hello everyone! One of my best friends in the community is making me a custom. The baby is going to have pretty dark skin (I’ll attach pics of her work) and we’re stuck on mohair. We were going to use Karman dolls on etsy, but I’m hearing it’s taking weeks if not months for her hair to arrive. We also looked at slumberland, but the darkest shade they carry is deep dark brown, and I’m worried it won’t look well with babies skin, as I want very dark hair. Any mohair suggestions?


SilkEffex …hard to get. You have to be ready and fast when she posts for sale. She’s on FB and you buy off her website.

Angora Motique?



We ended up using this one! We love that she tests it for bleeding and that she used her own goats!

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Have you tried it?

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Just purchased some hair from Golden Fleece @Rainbowbabies and it’s the most gorgeous mohair I’ve ever had! Haven’t rooted it yet but again it’s stunning! And I believe they have some black?

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Yes, well I have several colors of her mohair, but not yet the black. It’s really pretty. I’m not good at rooting what so ever but I keep her’s on hand.She’s got a beautiful farm and is very easy to work with! :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for the kind words, @eversunny! I’m so glad you like it :slight_smile:

@Helenabeereborns I’m glad you found what you’re looking for :slight_smile: Congrats on your baby- he’s beautiful!! He’ll look even more fantastic with rooted hair.

A lot of people have been inquiring about black mohair and I have more in the works, so for anyone else on the hunt…I plan to have more available within a week.