Berjusa reborns

I am about to try and reborn an old Berjusa doll I found in my late grandmother’s house. From what I understand this is what a lot of reborn artists painted on before kits were a thing.

For anyone who has painted them:

Is it an absolute must to completely neutralize it beforehand? I can’t see any way I could get this pale like modern vinyl. Did anyone just paint them from the base skin tone?

This one has a head that pops onto the torso. I would instead like to put it on a cloth body. Is there somewhere I can buy a connector piece? Are they made to sell? Or how should I make one?

Lastly, I’d absolutely love to see pictures if any of you have reborned one. I think it’d really help to see the possibilities. Any tips are also appreciated.

This is the doll. I attempted to paint it when I was very very new, but didn’t get far. After 4 years, I’m finally brave enough to try again


Cut the neck piece out of the torso and use it.
I would give the pieces several flesh washes first to tone down that orange or you will find the baby goes very orangey with blushing.
You can also do a hint of blue speck wash along that process.
Some really favor mint green but I found the mint green makes the baby look dead. If you stick to flesh 08 washes that are very thin and then a blue wash or two you can bring it down to an opaque base that you can then build from with color to bring it to life. If you go AA then just do some blue washes and continue on.

Some of my more recent Berenguers

Lily Berenguer by Angie Jones

ANJ_1488.JPG by Angie Jones

Berenguer Snookie Face by Angie Jones


I remember doing those! Back in the day before we had so many kits available

I still like the Berenguers. I love Lily. I wish she was 23" size.


Her limbs definitely would look great as an older baby!

@Gabriell did a 5 part series. I don’t think she would mind me sharing my beautiful doll!


yea, 20"is as big as she grows.