Belly plates- size and fit

Anyone here or at Bountiful baby want to help me out with understanding belly plates? The plate for Leif does not fit him. The front and backs I have that should fit a 19 inch doll, do not. So what am I not understanding? They are odd on the baby, they are ok for photography but they don’t fit snug or look natural. I have had luck with the BB belly plate (no genitals) for larger babies…

Help. I painted a beautiful front an back for Charles Asleep but it just doesn’t work. Do I need to trim it? I laced it up and put his diaper over it…

Frustrated and feeling challenged.


I never tie it on… I just lay it where I think it looks right and snap a few pics.

I dislike them also.


I much prefer the smaller plates to the ones with “parts”. The longer the plate is the harder it is to get the baby into a realistic position because newborns always seem to curl forward. I just use them for a few photos and put them aside. The small plates that are just a belly work best for me.


I wonder how realborn Lief belly plate don’t fit him if its made by him and it was exactly made for him.


It just doesn’t, its too small. Maybe I used the wrong body…

To me, the recommended bodies are usually too small. I haven’t made Leif. But I would think he’s the same way. I know all my real babies had long torsos, but it seems like the realborns have way too short of torsos with the recommended body. So…the plate was made for Leif. It looks right with his head and limbs. But the cloth body wasn’t made for him. I would definitely go up a size and see if that fits better.


I think the recommended body for Leif/Aspen makes them look like a string bean. I tried the body recommended for Ashley and Aspen looks much better with it.

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