Belly plate to match Saskia

Hi Everyone,
I have been lucky to find a Saskia kit and have ordered her but she doesn’t come with a belly plate. Can anyone recommend a belly plate I can buy that would be a good match for her size and colouring?

I used the Realborn tummy plates. The coloring is not exact to Saskias but very close. I had no issue making them match.

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You can use the realborn one but first try to match the color. I did that used raw sienne and yellow ochre some light burnt umber can help to .
When the plate has also similar color you can start the kit as well . Start both with a skin layer or two .
When you add details like mottling , creases they blend togheter in color

These are great tips! Thanks for your help everyone!

I’m not sure where to find a realborn belly plate. Is there a website for their brand? I tried to Google and it only gave me results for “reborn belly plate” lol

It’s Bountiful Baby tummy plates. :slight_smile: Supplies - Bountiful Baby (DP Creations LLC)

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Thank you!