Belly plate tie

Soneone insisted on a belly plate The belly plate needs ties .I.put them on sides .ok
What about the shoulders ?.Anyone use a tie around the neck or tie some other way… or ignore the holes ?

I think I made 2 small holes in the designated areas on the shoulders of the one I made and threaded a thin ribbon through it

Last one i didnt use anything . Seems like if tied around neck it woudnt help hold it down.IDK

If you want it to stay down over the shoulder, I would sew a ribbon tie to each side (on the back shoulder area) of the body and thread the ribbon through the hole in the shoulder plate and tie it in a little bow so you can untie it again when you want the belly plate off, For the holes at the sides, just thread a ribbon through one, across the back through the other hole and tie the ends together at the waistline. Easy Peasy. That’s what I would do, although I haven’t done that cause I wouldn’t leave a belly plate on the doll. Maybe this will help someone.

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