Belly plate for Ramsey Brace

Looking to see if anyone has used a belly plate with Ramsey Brace, If so can you please tell me which plate you used, BB or other. Maybe post a photo or two. Thanks in advance

This is the belly plate that comes with Luciano if you add on. They are about the same size so I’m sure it’ll work for Ramsey. There’s a smaller one by Cassie Brace available as well on Macphersons

Thank you. I’d seen those on Mac’s but was reluctant to buy either because neither are the size for Ramsey, ones too big, the other too small. I keep seeing photos of him with plates, so I know there’s something out there that fits him. Would be nice though if I could find one made by Brace so it wouldn’t be a nightmare trying to color match vinyls.

I started out using this plate with my Ramsey but ended up not finishing it because I didn’t have time to finish it with the doll. I found the color to be a good match and a perfect size too! Of course now it is out of stock but someone may have one they could sell!

Thank you for the info @RebeccaKatie. I went searching and was able to find a different Brace plate at Dolls by Sandie. detail_11369_cassie_nellie

It’s suppose to fit 19-21" inch and hopefully the vinyls will be a close match. If it doesn’t work out, I’ll definitely look into the BB one you’ve suggested. Thank you again :slight_smile: