Belly/back plates?

Where do y’all get back and belly plates for preemies?! I need a set off rosebud, she’s 14 inches or so, I don’t think the ones BB has are gonna work😕I need an anatomically correct boy one!!

I have seen them on ebay if you would like to check there. Please share if you find some that work!

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I have some old full vinyl Berenguers/Berjusa preemies that I cut down and make my own plates. I just did on for my Ofelia and it fit her perfectly. She is about 16" though.


She’s adorable!!! I love that sculpt!!! How do u do that? Cut them down? I’m so afraid I’ll mess it up! Lol

Irrisistables carries a Tamie Yarie 14 - 16 in. belly plate for $19.99.


Because it’s from a full vinyl doll the hardest part is cutting all the thick vinyl away from the arms and legs.
I cut the sides right down the middle between the front and back and the top edge down to where it looks natural under her neck when she’s ‘naked’. :slight_smile:

Do u know if there’s a video or tutorial on this anywhere? I bought the sweetest berenguer to use the back and belly from, then later I wanna reborn the rest of the doll too!! So I don’t wanna ruin anything! And I’m nervous lol

If it’s a full vinyl baby pop off the head and limbs first. You may want to put the whole thing in the oven for just a few minutes at 265 to soften the vinyl if it doesn’t want to come apart easily. I will look tomorrow for a tutorial. I think I’ve seen one sometime in the past. I just winged it but had several to spare so wasn’t worried. I’m going to bed now but will hunt it down in the morning.

Hunnybuns Nursery, Stephanie Sullivan, had some but I don’t see them listed on her site now. I love them! I sent her an email to see if she will be stocking them again. .

Thanks for all the info guys. Now what about this?? I am in love with this kit! Got the body tore down so I can use the back and belly, I want to use the head, arms, and legs to make a whole nother baby. I was thinkin using a BB soft body, but…there’s nothing to tighten a zip tie around! Suggestions???

I think that BB sells a neck something or another that allows you to convert Nod and Blinkin to soft body kits?

I found it!!! OMG, thank u SOOOOO MUCH!!! I just can’t possibly let this face go waste lol

That is an adorable face. Needs a pacifier though!

Lol I know right!!! And some cuddles :slight_smile:

Every time I see a real baby with a pacifier I am going to be frightened at what may hiding behind it. Thanks Pia! - come to think about it there are quite of few people around where I live that could certainly use a pacifier :wink:

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