Bellami the French Bulldog Kits

Y’all look what Jade Warner found. :grin:

He’s available now on her site.

I almost passed because I didn’t realize the price was in AUD. With shipping he was going to be nearly $200. But @jlesser pointed out that’s AUD. My total in USD, including shipping was $145. And you can use afterpay as a payment option if you need to. So go get yourself a dog before they sell out. :grin:


Was going to buy but shipping and purchase were $200 to US. I would love to have him but that is out of my budget at Christmas time. Boo Hoo

That’s what I thought. But that’s the Australian dollar amount. It translates to $145 in US dollars, including shipping.

I love them but I just don’t know if I could make mine look real.

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Just noticed Bellami is on pre-order at irresistables too

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Yep. I wish I had known Jade was going to send some to Irresistibles. Then I could have saved a ton on shipping. FYI I tested it earlier and Irresistibles had 14 available for preorder. So they probably had around 20 when they started taking orders. Jade’s site had around 25 when I checked hers yesterday.