Beautiful vintage crochet

These were crocheted by my grandmother for me as a baby. I love the detail on the bonnet. And now they can make my baby prettyđź’•


I love the pattern on the bonnet.

Oh wow! Those are beautifully crafted. I love the bonnet too :heart_eyes:

So beautiful…you are very blessed to have such lovely outfits from your grandmother that were made you you…!! special…!!


Such a beautiful outfit. I love vintage clothing for babies.

I love vintage…soooo pretty!!! :smile:

I love the little hat and dress your grandmother made for you. I’ve been looking for a pattern like them. :slight_smile:

What a beautiful outfit and so special! I crochet and can see the beautiful work your Grandmother put into this little outfit that she made for you. It’s a treasure to cherish.

Beautiful!! I love vintage items, and these are extra special since they came from your grandmother. Your baby is really pretty too!


Thank you. Melanie @Blissfulbabies made the baby. She is probably getting tired of me tagging her in so many posts but I want to give credit where credit is due. And she will be my only doll for a while so she will be the only one I post pics of​:blush::two_hearts:

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No problem. I just love seeing her!

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Beautiful vintage outfit! How special to have this from your Grandmother. :heart:

Stunning outfit!

That is really special to have- lovely!!!