Be completely honest!

Okay, so here is my problem. I want to sell a few dolls this Christmas season. Due to my job I don’t have time to root the heads. I am currently rooting special babies for Christmas gifts. I was planning on selling them bald but I just don’t really love the way they look bald…so…I tried my hand with the prisma colored pencils. I just don’t know how I feel about it…I’m so confused what to do. Do you all think I should try to sell bald babies or the painted hair.

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I’ve made a few baldies and they have sold, Prec. Gift and Crystal come to mind ~ I swear, I am in LOVE with Crystal’s big bald head…LOL!!! I think your Avery’s hair looks nice, but I agree about using a little matte w/a touch of black just to soften it a tad. I like to do the Prisma pencils then blot with thinner ever so slightly ~ then do more layers that way if I am working on a newborn-ish baby. I do a seal with matte as the final bake, though. What was the question? LOL…I think I got off track, which is sooooo unlike me!

i agree i love the hair but just a little lighter