I second that emotion!!! They would make a fortune if they sold the neck rings and plugs seperately lol

Well if you want some let me know, I have some I will part with, I rarely use them, only on very soft kits…and then when I wanted to use one, it did not fit. Go figure!

BB used to sell them separately but they said it was hard to keep the correct sizes in stock since every kit out there is different so they stopped selling them other than with their own kits.

Here’s what I do for kits other than BB. I bought some Loctite Brush On Super glue and “paint” it in the channel where the zip-ties lie and also around the flange part that fits into the body. It makes the parts turn very easily once it’s completely dry. I then just stuff the neck and tops of the limbs very tightly with fiber-fill. It works really well.