BB's "Gemma", by Donna RuBert, Has Just Been Released!

Hi Everyone

Our “Gemma” is a portrait sculpt of Melissa George’s real baby girl, “Gemma Gail”. Our Gemma is about 19 inches long, and is peacefully sleeping-- just like the real Gemma pictures we are showing!

Also, Melissa has a new baby prototype “Nikolas” that is now on eBay.

Gemma and Nikolas are both prominently displayed on our home page:



Just click either baby’s picture for more information.

Thanks so much, everyone!

Bountiful Baby

Bountiful Baby
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Will there be prototypes of Gemma posted???

— Begin quote from “pia”

Will there be prototypes of Gemma posted???

— End quote

Yes, eventually. We’re not sure when, though.

Bountiful Baby

I think Gemma is beautiful! Am anxious to see the prototypes because I don’t think this can be done anyway but beautifully!