BB's "Aubrey" is the next DEAL OF THE DAY - ONLY $14.95!

Hi Everyone!

Our next DEAL OF THE DAY (for Saturday, October 19) is Aubrey, a cute little 20 inch sculpt by Denise Pratt, at ONLY $14.95!



Thanks so much, everyone!

Bountiful Baby

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Welcome. I live in Poland and I can not buy just one set. I need to buy a minimum amount of $ 50. BB kits are my favorite. Shipping costs are high, so I would like to order immediately affect more sets, maybe 3 maybe 4. But now only one or two kits are available at a promotional price. That’s what worries me. So I have a question. Is it possible that I will take to Cart today Aubrey, for two three days another set of, for the next two three days yet another set of, and when I had already 3 or 4 sets to Place Order?
Thank You!