BB, you are stressing me out!

:smiley: I need Charlotte! …and Miles, and Daisy and Summer Rain and Gracie and Owen…

And Logan…I don’t even know what s/he looks like yet and I’m sure I need him/her.

Oh heck I just need to bring a truck to the warehouse and load it up!


I need some dolly dollars before they release them though.Lol :slight_smile:

:smiley: Hmmmm! Maybe that’s my real problem. Maybe I’m really stressing because I don’t have dolly dollars when they do release them. :blush:


YES!! We NEED to do that!!


oh my I hadn’t heard about a sculpt named Logan!!! Too special! My daughters name is Logan and she was born in February…21 years ago this coming February! I’m eager to see what the sculpt looks like! I’ll be purchasing either way just seems sentimental LOL, especially if it’s released on her Birthday :smile:


You may be in luck, DeeDee. Logan is scheduled to be released the first of February according to the out of stock post. :slight_smile: I’m looking forward to seeing this one too. :smiley:


I’m hoping so! My Logan was originally due on the 17th, but arrived on the 27th, :wink: so if the sculpt is a bit late like towards the end of February that would be right on track! LOL

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Gotta get these babies assembled and sold. :blush:

My babies (who weren’t induced) were late too. :wink:

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