Bb who is rina?

In the section on their website about when kits would be out and the dates they posted:

Expected during the month of August, and early September:

  1. The following “New Release” kits: Dumplin, Muffin, Puddin, Punkin, Ryan, Rina, Raine, Kyle, Bella.

I asked them there, and have had no response, so am asking here. Who is RINA?

Has anyone seen this sculpt? I haven’t and am curious about it.


They will have to since he/she is included in the first of the kits to be released! I am puzzled why I have not received an answer about this from them. I wrote them, and then posed this same question on another part of this board about 2 weeks ago. Hmmmm maybe it is a big surprise!!! lol

Well inquireing minds WANT to know !!!LOL-OH please -oh please let it be a toddler /24-28 in !!!

Rina is an Asian baby by Michelle Fagan. She is the same size as Ryan and Raine, about 20". We should have prototype photos of Rina soon.
We do have some bigger babies in the works. The first of them will be life-size babies about 9-12 months old. We should have photos of them late August or early September.

Oooooooo I can’t wait!

OOH!! If I can manage to get my next doll to sell for a decent price(haven’t even started yet) then I am hoping to branch off into the non-caucasian babies. I didn’t even get a chance to try to sell my first one as my elderly mother fell in love with her!

Am I the only one that find all this to be a little irritating? I asked about Rina sculpt like a month ago. And it took until now to get an answer and it had to be asked by a select few. I emailed them TWICE and still got NO response! HMMMM maybe I don’t know the secret handshake! LOL
Glad some one got us the info we needed!!! I can’t wait!@


Missy, I don’t or didn’t feel left out, just irritated that my question was not addressed at all and other’s questions were…anyway…
Now that Rina is shown I may know why! I hate the Tory sculpt and this one is definitely a dead ringer in a lot of ways for her! I am so disappointed.
BUT…will look forward to the other older babies they are promising. I do like the bigger babies who can smile and have quizical looks etc. I found my own 3-6 month old babies kind of boring too. I hadn’t ever thought of this before…lol…but that 3 month period is one where nothing really fits them well, their hair is falling out/growing in in clumps, and their skin tones change and they lose the newborn cry and “cuteness” and haven’t yet developed the curiosity looks. Mine all looked kind of bland in that age group. I even just went and looked at pictures and they all did…hmmmmmm I think I just had an enlightenment! lol
So, other than this sculpt, I will look forward to the other older babies. I love the other ones displayed so far…so there may be hope!
Thankyou BB for finally giving me an answer that makes some sense.