BB Vinyl Parts Sale - Heads, Arms, Legs, ALL JUST $2.98!


For a limited time, ALL in-stock individual vinyl parts are priced at just $2.98, regardless of size or type. This allows you to potentially mix-and-match a kit for only $8.94 ($2.98 for the head, $2.98 for the arms, and $2.98 for the legs).

We only sell the individual parts like this when we have left-over parts from the regular kits, but if you mix-and-match parts from different kits of the same size, it will still work beautifully!

Come see! I’m sure it won’t last long!

Nevin Pratt
CEO, Bountiful Baby


Where are the heads Nevin? :wink:

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I only saw the chimp heads.

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I didn’t see any heads either

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I wish there were a Kase asleep head only. I have a very nice body and limbs that need a head. It’s a higher end kit so I need a higher end head. Lots of details.
The only head available are the primates. Sigh…

I have a Kase awake kit and would love to have a twin for him. But he shared limbs with Kasy awake. I don’t want their limbs to be the same…