BB Upcoming Realborn® Kit - Kase Asleep with Real Baby Kase :)


precious!!! just precious!!!

are there gonna be any little girl Realborns?


Frankly, I am totally over all these boys. I always preferred doing girls, and the few times I decided that kit really has to be a boy it did not sell too well. Certainly took a longer and sold for less than my girls. I thought the Realborns are going to sell, but I am not even getting watchers, and one sold well bellow what he cost me. I know thing are bit slow, but I did sell 5 dolls in the past month or so, and all for good price.

I absolutely loved working on Gudrun Legler’s Livia and Lilian, and I have been waiting for her next kit, BUT it’s a boy, and he looks a boy. I cannot imagine him as a girl. :cry:

He is adorable. Will there be a Kase awake too?

When will he be released will it be before Asher awake could u give us a idea trying to make sure I have the money to by them :slight_smile: