BB silicone kits

I just saw the prototype silicone Felicity and Darren in a video by Susan Gibbs. They are both lovely. She did mention a slight seam line being visible on Darren’s leg. Thus they are not glove mold. This should indeed be a more affordable blank silicone for new painters and those wanting a more affordable authentic silicone baby. I liked what she said about how we should all be kind and supportive of each other as family. I totally agree. As long as everyone is working with authentic kits there is room for all levels of collections in this market. .


Yay that would be so fun to add a silicone to the collection!

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Can you link the video?

I agree! As an advanced beginner it’s really hard to be all that I can be when comparing my work to advanced artists and prototypes :rofl:

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A silicone Darren?! Oh my I can’t wait to see him!!


Oh i just watched it! :heart: Just the right amount of floppiness. Darren is definitely on the top of my list.

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It is a live video she did on her Facebook page I’m currently out shopping and can’t pull it up

Are they full body ?

Partial I think

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Your link didn’t work for me. I went to Susan’s Facebook page and watched there. She showed both Felicity and Darren. I have always liked Felicity and I’m partial to girls but that Darren is very sweet…

I love the face on Felicity but her Darren looks so cuddly! I think she is in love with him too because she seemed like she does not want to part with him. @bbsupport I would love to get my hands on one of these silicone kits to paint. When will they be out?