BB sales Nu Wave

I had no idea that BB started selling the NuWave. I have one and love it. Was just scrolling through supplies and found it. It will make it nice for some of the ladies who couldn’t find them where they live.


Is that competitive pricing?

Its more then what I paid for mine. When I bought mine through KOHLS it was on sale plus I had a coupon I was able to use. Total was about 110.00 including shipping.

BB’s oven has the plastic dome that is more crack resistant. Maybe that is why it cost more.

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It looks like it has a metal extender ring instead of plastic. That might affect the price.

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Bet you ladies are right. Mine has the plastic extender ring. I was glad to see it on here . Alot of the ladies where they ship over seas couldnt find these.

I agree~ :smile:

I paid $67 for mine from amazon

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@Angel76 You did real good on yours~

Mine has a metal extender ring, I also got it free shipping with prime, I love it because I can move it to different places.

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