BB sales killing me!

Every time I log on there is a different kit up on the 50% off that I have a hard time passing up on! I think I have placed 3 different orders in the last 2 days!


Yeah if I am just getting a kit on the regular discount sales normal shipping for me is around $4… so with flat rate of $7.95 + the 50% off kits on sale, it comes to almost the same…

I have gotten the discount ones and pay $20-$25 including shipping then I got a kit at 50% plus flat rate shipping and that is about $22… so I don’t really save anything unless I was to buy like 3 kits… but I am out of dolly dollars cause I also bought another order with glass beads… lol.

I have purchased 2 kits on each order so it saves me money on the shipping. My shipping from BB is usually $7.95 on a small item and about $10 or more on a couple kits.


I’ve bought a lot of heavy supplies that the shipping usually kills me on-glass beads, doe suede fabric, polypellets and 1 kit (that I really don’t need). lol

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