BB Sale :(

I miss the sales BB used to have. I would bulk buy my glass beads, angel silk and rings. I get a lot of great compliments on my babies because i dont cut corners. So the sales were perfect for saving a few bucks, but still having quality. I was hoping Black Friday would bring back a decent sale on supplies, but no. Nothing I use has been on sale since early in the year. I give up. I think i need to find another supplier which makes me really sad as I’d love to continue supporting BB.

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EVERYTHING is 40% off right now…


Nearly everything BB sells has been on sale at sometime during the year but they sell out quickly. Could you have missed all of them?


I get all their alerts and do check frequently. I did get some glass beads early in the year on sale. They did also discount their Angel Silk slightly but not the big sale they normally have. Maybe I’ll just have to be content with their smaller discounts. :slight_smile:

Not the Angel Silk, glass beads or rings unfortunately.

It should have. It showed the difference in the cart subtotal